Kids Feet

Kids Feet

Many Parents are concerned about their children gait pattern and foot formation.

Foot and posture Screening is of utmost importance in kids . Kid’s Musculoskeletal system is more flexible than adults and can be easily corrected by appropriate and timely  interventions to prevent Consequent permanent Postural and foot problems.Most prevalent spinal problems in children are not quite visible to parents until a close examination is conducted.

These are only some of those problems:
Kyphosis(round back) , scoliosis(lateral deviation of spine) ,lordosis ,spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis etc.

Common pediatric foot problems are :
Flat feet(over-pronation) ,In-toeing gait and out-toeing (tibial torsion) ,sever’s disease( most common cause of heel pain in children) , ingrown toe nail , plantar warts…etc.

These issues are specifically  focused in Kid Feet department by our screening team  , physician and chiropodists and chiropractors.


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