02 Jun

Dr. Foot clinic is a chain of clinics across the globe that provides specialist podiatric care to thousands of patients annually. According to the clinic, podiatric care can help fix a person’s biomechanics and make them more efficient.

With an increasing amount of people letting go of their work-life balance and choosing to overwork themselves, serious foot problems and disorders are imminent in many parts of the world. A person’s feet are at the base of all activity and they are arguably also the most neglected body part, in terms of health. According to the expert podiatric physicians at Dr. Foot clinic, foot health is extremely necessary for a person to function in daily life with optimum efficiency and mental clarity.

Having been established as a holding company in Canada in 2012, Dr. Foot clinic has received amicable client feedback. It has been able to expand its business overseas and launch several successful operating partner companies. With locations across Canada, North America and Middle East, the clinic provides an array of podiatric care services and aims to hire only the most qualified doctors and physicians in the field.

A spokesperson for Dr. Foot clinic made an official press statement to discuss the importance of foot health “Unhealthy feet can hinder a person in many aspects of life. In fact, it is highly probable that unhealthy feet might keep a person from being successful and making more money. A person’s mental health, physical health and emotional health all depends greatly on the health of their feet.”

The spokesperson further added “We here at Dr. Foot understand just how important foot health is to keep a person efficient and active for longer. We help all of our patients fix their biomechanics by targeting the root of the problem in their feet. As a result, all of our patients experience increased energy, happiness and mental clarity after an appointment with us.”

More details about Dr. Foot and its locations can be seen on the official clinic website at http://drfoot.ca/.



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